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In Season: July 10th through August 10th


We believe you will find our Boysenberries with their velvety skin and oversized drupelets bursting with a rich sweet earthy flavor, deeply rewarding.  Some of the berries are so sweet that it does not freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Boysenberries are a cross between a Loganberry, a Blackberry and a European Raspberry and were first created by Rudolf Boysen.

The berry might have disappeared after Rudolf quit experimenting and sold his farm if it were not for the efforts of George Darrow of the USDA in the late 1920’s. After hearing stories about a dark redish berry grown on a Northern California Farm he enlisted the help of Walter Knott a berry expert. Searching the farm they found a few plants struggling for survival. Knott nursed the plants back to life. He began selling the berries at his fruit stand in 1932. When asked the name of the berry he said, “Boysenberries,” after the creator. When customers continued to return for the berries his wife began using the Boysenberry in preserves making Knott’s berry farm famous. Available in IQF, Sieved Puree, Seedless Puree, Juice Stock and Straight Pack.



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