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IQF Frozen Pineapple is the product processed with fruit fresh varieties: MD2 and similar, free of foreign material and diseases that could jeopardize the integrity of out products properly peeled, cored, washed, cubed, selected and packed.



  • Frozen IQF: The product is frozen in accordance with good commercial practice and maintained at temperatures necessary for the preservation. This product shall be manufactured in accordance with current good manufacturing practices and shall comply with all regulations promulgated under the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act with any applicable statutes and regulations. Contains no dyes, flavors or chemical preservatives, appearance should be a yellow light shining tone, not overripe or fermented, without yeast or pest. Pesticide residues in this product shall be within the tolerances established by the laws and regulations applicable to food products. This product is 100% organic pineapple. It complies with the regulations set out in 7 CFR Part 205 National Organic Program Rule for products labeled as  “Organic”.